Linda scanner kunde

Comfort Scan (incl. 3D) week 15-40+

Comfort Scan (incl. 3D) week 15-40+

  • Shows life with heartbeat
  • Assesses presence of single or multiple foetuses
  • Measures amount of amniotic fluid
  • Measures the size of the foetus
  • Determines placement of placenta
  • Estimates the weight after week 20
  • Measures flow in the umbilical cord after week 25

Here we check if the foetus is growing and developing as expected. We measure the amount of amniotic fluid and determine the placement of the placenta and the gender of the foetus if wanted. After week 20, the weight is estimated and we measure the flow in the umbilical cord after week 25. You receive images in 2D and 3D.


The comfort scan provides an overview of the child’s development and well-being

The comfort scan is a good choice if you are worried or if you just need to “take a small peek”.

In the comfort scan, we look at how the child’s development and well-being is proceeding. We look for foetal movements and we check or confirm the gender if wanted. You also get a weight estimation and determine the placement of the foetus in the uterus and whether there is enough amniotic fluid.


Par til scanning sammen

Bring home 3D pictures

When possible, you’ll receive a couple of 3D pictures to bring home. The best 3D pictures are created if there is sufficient amniotic fluid and if the foetus is not hiding between legs and arms.

It is no problem to steer clear of the gender if you wish to keep it as a surprise. Thus, it is possible to receive a comfort scan without getting to know the gender.