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Gender Scan week 14-40

Gender Scan week 14-40

From week 14+0, we can determine whether you are expecting a boy or a girl. You will get pictures to bring home and if we are unable to determine gender with certainty, you will receive a new appointment free-of-charge.

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Boy or girl?

The gender scan is one of our most popular pregnancy ultrasound scans. During the scan you will receive an answer of whether you are expecting a boy or a girl.

Today, it is a great desire for most parents to know the gender of the child prior to delivery. Gender determination can make it easier for someone to associate with and imagine the little baby in the stomach. Others will want to know for practical reasons, so you can get the room painted and prepare to go home with the new-born baby after delivery.

In case of uncertainty, we always offer a new appointment free of charge.

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